Nicki Minaj's wacky commercial for her fragrance, Pink Friday, is kind of like an abbreviated version of the film adaptation of Snow White (sans the seven dwarfs and the huntsman). In the half-minute-long clip, Minaj, dressed in all black and looking forlorn, rests on a bed of black roses. (Even the "hardest-working woman in the business" needs to take a load off, you know?)


She plucks one of the roses and it pricks her finger, which is something she should have seen coming. From her injured digit falls a single drop of pink blood that looks to have the consistency of paint.


The blood turns out to have magical properties, changing all the roses from black to pink. Minaj, who now is sporting pink tipped hair, smiles. Her irises are bright pink, like the Barbz version of a Twilight vampire and her skin intermittently glows gold. It's clear that a momentous event has occurred.*

This feeling, or something like it, can be yours for just $49, plus shipping and handling. You should totally discontinue usage if your skin or eyes change color.