It was a busy night for Nicki Minaj on Sunday. After debuting her geometric hospital wear on the black carpet of the VMAs, and picking up a Moonman for Best Hip-Hop Video, the Barbie hightailed it over to Taylor Swift's show at the Staples Center. Their duet on "Super Bass" doesn't really hold up the T-Swift Geographic Covers Project since Nicki's from New York, Southside Jamaica, Queens and it's crazy, to be specific. Also, Nicki! You've got the wrong teen icon! Don't you know that Selena Gomez loves your songs? Have you seen how she handles meeting celebrities? It'd be worth it to pop in on one of her shows just for the assured ego boost. That's not to say that Minaj's song isn't Swift ideal jam right now, too. Plus she's rapped before, and she does have more pull when it comes to snagging guests for her live shows—just ask Selena's boyfriend. Watch Taylor and Nicki's collaboration below. We know Taylor has a little more experience covering rap songs, but does she have more swagger than Selena?