Like The Wanted's most recent video, Nicki Minaj serves up sexiness with a side of sci-fi in "Starships," a "Super Bass"-like summer clip for 2012 that promotes paint-throwing, rump-shaking and tongue-wagging. Yes, it's all bikinis, body paint and day-glo, but were you really expecting The Barbie to arrive on the beach via spaceship? Is she an alien? A hologram? A tourist who's lost her way? We suppose the title more than makes the case for an homage to extraterrestrial life, but the revealing photos from her Hawaii trip led our minds astray. (Sorry!) Here Queen Nicki models a variety of vacation looks and more than one full-body money shot while the locals keep an inviting luau going all night long. If you're taking a trip to the islands in the near future, take note that no one wears very much of anything. Nice work if you can get it? Watch below.