Nicki Minaj Is VERY Particular When It Comes To Wiping Her Spectacular Ass

Nicki Minaj Is VERY Particular When It Comes To Wiping Her Spectacular Ass

Nicki Minaj knows how to pamper her best ass-et.

The 32-year-old is very particular when it comes to her toiletry needs—not just any old paper will do, you know.

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TMZ got ahold of Minaj’s concert rider and it’s very specific about her choice of bathroom paper—demanding only the best:

4 rolls of "good quality" toilet paper (Quilted Northern or Charmin Ultra only)

1 box of baby wipes

When it comes to her food requirements, Minaj is a little less specific, asking simply for:

12 pieces of fried chicken

2 strip steaks (well done)

Drinks wise, Minaj takes the opportunity to indulge in a little self promotion, asking for:

4 bottles of Nicki's MYX Fusion Muscato wine

And, bizarrely, 4 mini-bottles Sutter Home chardonnay.

Keeping it classy girlfriend!

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It’s at least a step down from her 2012 concert rider, which was decidedly more demanding:

2 dozen pink or white roses and 3 large  Baked Goods scented candles

Hot Tea setup with lemon wedges, sugar and honey. Must include teacups, saucers, spoons and napkins and decaffeinated Lipton Tea bags

2 packs Halls lemon honey drops and 3 packs of Thayers Slippery Elm lozenges (three different flavors)

Contact lenses solution with case, 2 Space Heaters - VERY IMPORTANT - and a cool mist humidifier

3 packs of gum in 3 different flavors

24 bottles of Dasani Water (12 room temperature,12 on ice)

12 cans of Red Bull (6 room temp, 6 iced)

12 bottles of Martinelli's Apple Juice (6 room temp, 6 iced)

24 bottles of Snapple, 12 must be Lemon Ice Tea, 12 other assorted flavours

Singer's Saving Grace throat spray

2 large bottles of assorted fruit juices and one gallon of Simply Lemonade - please supply one small tub of clean ice and cups for drinks.

Egg Whites (scrambled hard), Turkey Bacon (fried hard), white toast (grape and strawberry jelly/jam). Belgian Waffles (syrup, powdered sugar, whipped cream, butter and strawberries on side) Enough to serve 4 people

1 Large Fruit platter with side of mango and 1 Large Cheese platter

3 twelve piece buckets of fried chicken spicy - no thighs, lots of wings

A deli tray with turkey breast meat, grilled chicken breast, whole Wheat bread or rolls, yellow mustard and other condiments (seasoned salt, hot sauce), plates, forks, spooks, knives, napkins and straws (enough for six people)

Salad - Iceberg lettuce, sliced tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, green olives, Wishbone Light Italian dressing, Bumble Bee tuna in water, wheat or low

Fat crackers

Carrots and Dip

Cranberries (dried), almonds (raw- not roasted)

One set of fine silverware/stainless steel silverware

Nicki Minaj Is Driving The Daily Mail Bonkers

Meanwhile, Nicki and her super clean ass, arrived two hours late, in spectacular Diva fashion, to her Wireless Festival appearance at Finsbury Park in London over the weekend, pissing off thousands of concert goers.

"Our plane couldn't get out because of the weather but I want to tell you how much I fucking love y'all,” Minaj told the crowd when she finally got on stage. “I want to tell you how much I appreciate you guys for showing up from day one.”

“I want to say that to all the women in the building, if you are independent, make some motherfucking noise!"

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