Last night Nicki Minaj made all our lives a little bit better when she released a remix to Rae Sremmurd's "Black Beatles". The original track currently landed at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, thanks in part to prominent figures like Hillary Clinton and Destiny's Child executing the Mannequin Challenge to the song.

Always one for cultural references, Minaj mentions everything from El Chapo, NASDAQ, and even sneaks in a R. Kelly "Trapped in the Closet" one too. And to top off the colloquial sundae, the outspoken rappers throws some serious shade in PETA's and Donald Trump's directions.

This is not Minaj's first time expressing her adornment for the rap duo. The rapper also released a blazing remix to "No Flex Zone" in 2014 and appeared on the catchy chorus of "Throw Sum Mo" in 2015.

She did not hold back last night either. She took to Instagram to express her pride at seeing the duo hit the top of the Billboard chart this week. She wrote, "Cuz 2 Lil black kids got the NUMBER 1 RECORD IN THE COUNTRY & I'm soooooo happy for Mike Will."

It's highly rumored that Minaj is hard at work prepping the release of her third album. The rapper does have a tendency of boosting up her features before popping back up on the scene, so the rumors seem to have some weight to them.

You can listen to Minaj's quirky, cut-throat verses here.

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