This is why people give out +1s for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs, and not +whatevers—people just can't be trusted to keep their entourages to a reasonable size. Just ask the owners of Greenhouse, a Soho nightclub hosting a release party for Nicki Minaj's Re-Up reissue to last year's Roman Reloaded album. The club was put in a tough spot when Nicki's hype man and rumored boyfriend Safaree Samuels rolled up with a posse that was 30 deep, expecting entry for all into the building. Greenhouse refused, and as a result, Nicki skipped out on the party entirely. The New York Post reports:

Sources told us Samuels arrived before Minaj with about 30 guys. We’re told Greenhouse management 'let him in with a few friends,' but didn’t let in most of the male group. Samuels was then heard saying that if his posse wasn’t coming in, [Minaj] wasn’t coming. When Minaj showed up in a Maybach a bit later, 'She stayed outside in the car, then drove off,' a source said.

Ouch. Disappointment for both the club and the partiers in attendance, no doubt, though an intriguing question is raised: How the hell do you transport an entourage of 30 people to the club, anyway? Was there just a cavalcade of Escalades motoring down lower Manhattan last night? Did they use a party bus? Was it just a scene on the R train last night? Reporters on the scene, let us know.