Since leaving the Femme Fatale tour earlier this year, Nicki Minaj has left big shoes to fill not only among the openers that have succeeded her, but for the headliner Ms. Britney Spears as well. While her lap dancing is difficult to replicate, the absence of Minaj leaves a gaping hole in the live version of the "Till The World Ends" remix, which the two were able to beautifully replicate during Minaj's run on the road this summer, and a version Britney is still quite fond of today. But just because she's no longer on the road with Spears, doesn't mean she can't still be at her shows, thanks to the wonders of technology. Currently traveling South America, Spears has been performing her Minaj-assisted remix with a video contribution from the Harajuku Barbie. And much like her constantly changing hair color, Nicki is the master of emotive eyes and fear-inducing facial expressions. In the short video for her verse, we're witness to her backyard barbecue face, her "Notice me, members of the Academy" look and her Roman-esque crazy eyes, among others. Watch below.