Nicki Minaj assumes the familiar position atop her throne in the latest Roman Reloaded video, "Right By My Side." While the song features Chris Brown, it's Nas who gets ordered around by the blond-haired Barbie, taking his lady on shopping excursions and fancy lunches, while spoiling her with brand-new cars and magic wishing coins. It's Nicki at her most glamorous and materialistic, with only flashes of her crazy faces and lyrical domination over her male counterparts. Breezy waits patiently by the infinity pool in case things between the two turn sour, doing his best to convince us that he's a sensible gentlemen who'd never let emotions get the best of him—and that he might be terrified of Nas. But through it all, Nicki is more interested in playing with her hair and waiting to see the latest bright and shiny thing her man has brought home for her than experimenting with Brown's non-existent patience. Even after a brief absence, the made-for-music-video couple looks inseparable. As they sit by the light of the moon and swap spit (nice job perk!), Nicki gives us one of her trademark faces and suddenly we're not sure if she's going to make out with her man or suck his blood. Finally, a return to normalcy.