Multiple previews for the Willow Smith and Nicki Minaj-assisted video "Fireball" had us thinking apocalypse and mass dance party, like so many other videos from 2011. In fact, given the ubiquity of flash mobs and blacktop dancing, we'd probably be thinking that even without an official trailer. Cue the Shuffle Bot! Our prediction for fireballs that turn into backup dancers didn't exactly ring true, as the flaming sphere crashing into the pavement acts more as a signal for Willow to kick it up a notch in order to get the party (of 10 or so) going. That mostly consists of aggressive street dancing and eccentric ensembles, geometric monocle included. Willow leads the choreography, natch, while a rainbow mukluk-wearing Minaj shows up as her fuzzy fairy godmother, conducting lessons in facial expressions and sass, with lyrics that pay respects to her parents. It can't hurt to stay in the good graces of Will and Jada in hopes of getting that acting career going. Watch below.