Nicki Minaj has so many hits at this point that's it hard to remember back to a time when Her Minajesty wasn't topping the charts; but flash back to early 2010, and there's Nicki, freshly-signed to Young Money Entertainment and struggling to crack the Hot 100 with her first major label single, "Massive Attack." The bonkers hip-hop cut was too urban for a music industry that was about to dive head first into pop and EDM, and for a brief moment it looked like the buzzed-about Nicki Minaj just wasn't going to happen. Then the autotuned, Annie Lennox-sampling "Your Love" happened, and the rest is history.

However, "Your Love" almost didn't happen. In a new interview with The Fader, the song's producer, Andrew Wansel, revealed that Nicki hated the song because it had her singing instead of rapping, and that it blew up accidentally after someone at the studio leaked it online without Nicki or Wansel's permission.

"Somebody from Atlanta at Hot Beats Studio changed my life. They leaked it–that was January 20th, I’ll never forget. Nicki was horrified. She called me like “Oh my god, I sound so bad. The Auto-Tune is so bad. I’m singing and people have never heard me like this. I hate this shit.” But it was a leak so we figured the world would forget about it at some point. “Massive Attack” came months later, and whatever happened with that song happened, but “Your Love,” that leak was still not going away. That leaked, unmastered demo charted on Billboard on its own."

Wansel adds that Nicki's management trick to block the song from coming out, but it had such a life of its own at that point that it was impossible to stop it.

"Every step of the way was an accident," he said. "Some people on Nicki’s end didn’t want to put the record out. Her management at that time. But the world was lovin’ it and the world didn’t want to let that song go. They would not let the song die. Everything about it was an accident."

Wow. So if some sneaky snake at the studio hadn't leaked "Your Love," we may have never seen the birth the 'pop' Nicki, which is the successful Nicki, and her career may have never taken off. Without Nicki, we probably wouldn't have Iggy Azalea either, or any of the other radio-friendly femcees that record labels have created in the wake of Nicki's superstardom.

If only we could turn back time... Just kidding! Well, half kidding...

[Via The Fader]