Now that she has some time before the release of Roman Reloaded, expect Nicki Minaj to begin the various methods of anticipation building, with various video teasers, tweeted song snippets and vague interviews. First up? New music. Minaj will debut previously unheard track "Roman Holiday" during her performance at the Grammy Awards this Sunday, in between awaiting the pivotal Best New Artist decision. The new album's second single, "Starships," will premiere with Ryan Seacrest—who else?—on Monday February 13. All that just seven days after the Super Bowl? Not a bad week!

Minaj will also take the stage at the NBA All-Star Game on February 26, further cementing her unlikely status as the go-to entertainment for sporting events. Must be that cheerleading uniform. Following the banning of her latest video from BET and her involvement in the Super Bowl Halftime show, there's a lot to consider when planning her set list and staging. (How much ass is acceptable for an NBA crowd?) Lockout aside, basketball fans have been lucky of late—or, luckier than football supporters when it comes to musicians of choice. Nicki will face the challenge of living up to last year's Drake and Kanye West-assisted Rihanna performance. Luckily, she knows some people.