Nicki Minaj's "Roman Reloaded" Reviewed: "Automatic"

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Track 13: "Automatic"

Sounds Like: This is another RedOne track, and we're pretty sure which he's rewritten, even: Lady Gaga's "Highway Unicorn (Road 2 Love)" (also a RedOne track). Nicki plays along.

Pros: If you'd asked us how to improve the aforementioned RedOne track, we'd probably tell you to get rid of the highways and unicorns, because that's ridiculous Lisa Frank stuff. Nicki sounds far more comfortable on this dance track than on, say, "Starships," and the bridge absolutely slays. Guttural is a good look for Nicki--which is impressive, considering how many looks are good looks for her.

Cons: It's either a bad idea or a mean joke to write the hook "it's automatic, it's automatic" on a song that sounds a little like autopilot. The same goes for "falling like a domino," which also evokes autopilot.

Roman Rating: 2/10, and all for...

WTF Moment?: "Einstein, I'm looking for that Einstein." These are pretty much the exact words you don't expect to hear after standard monsters-going-hard club rewrites. The rest of the bridge is just as standard (Wales! London! Scotland! Countries!), which only makes this an even better WTF moment.

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