Nicki Minaj's "Roman Reloaded" Reviewed: "Beez In The Trap" (Feat. 2Chainz)

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Track 4. "Beez In The Trap" Feat. 2Chainz

Sounds Like: An acknowledgement of all the talk that goes on in the music industry, which should satisfy those who thrive on rumored rap beefs and dis tracks.

Pros: Kenoe's popping, echoy beat provides a blank canvas for Nicki to take center stage with her lyrical fire, but instead she rattles off a list of reasons for her high-profile place in the game over the last two years. While "beez in the trap" could take on any number of meanings when it comes to competition and haters, it's hard to not make the Queen Bee connection, following the equally subtle—yet endlessly blogged about—"feud" with Lil Kim. Rather than make direct comparisons or insult specific aspects of Kim's career, Nicki takes the slightly higher road, assuring her that she's just "shitting on [her] whole life." Does that answer any lingering questions?

Cons: It's repetitive. If this is truly intended as a dis track directed at Lil Kim, it's missing one or two killer digs that either provoke an equally blazing response song or end the discussion all together. We don't necessarily encourage intra-genre feuds here at Popdust, but we certainly appreciate a good one if and when they occur—especially if it breeds excellent music. Between name-checking all five boroughs of New York City, and the uncool states of New Jersey, Connecticut and Delaware, we're a little sad she didn't squeeze in a shout-out to Westchester County. Have you no respect for Mary J. and DMX?

Roman Rating: 2/10. Nicki opts for laidback cool, choosing not overly exert herself when handling the 100 or so motherfuckers—or, a specific female—that opt to run their mouths. Roman would have visited each and every one of these haters and set their houses on fire.

WTF Moment?: "If I weren’t pimpin’ I be gettin’ it, period." Since Nicki's American roll call is more of a geography lesson than anything else, guest 2Chainz picks up the biology slack, leaving us with a nice mental image before throwing deuces.

Hashtag Alert: What else? "Beez in the trap."

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