Nicki Minaj's "Roman Reloaded" Reviewed: "Come On A Cone"

Track 2. "Come On A Cone"

Sounds Like: Roman's official coming out party, filled with multiple celebrity references we are encouraged to contact if we dare question his presence at any upcoming Fashion Week events.

Pros: Following the album's quizzical opener, things come back down to Earth slightly as Nicki leaves us to a swarm of synth bees and a hypnotic handclaps before rattling off the fabulous company she finds herself in the presence of (Ellen DeGeneres, Oscar De La Renta, Anna Wintour, Cee Lo) on a regular basis. Finally, the purpose of those well-circulated Odd Couple photos has been revealed! Boasting gradually climbs from shout-outs to her front-row neighbors ("When I'm sitting with Anna / I'm really sitting with Anna / Ain't a metaphor, punchline / I'm really sitting with Anna") and industry success to sexual prowess, misogynistic orders included. Such a monstrous beat and convincing delivery leave little room for rebuttal.

Cons: This arrogant introduction feels like some of her best guest work—unapologetic and blatant in its self-promotion—until Roman breaks through and begins wailing about ice being so cold "it should come on a cone." His cries come in a range of tones, accents and emotions, suggesting Nicki's game plan was to adapt each and every studio take into one jumbled, confused track.

Roman Rating: 8/10. Things begin "normal" enough, but Roman's full control over the chorus makes what could be a smooth banger an unstable head-scratcher, where it's difficult to keep track of Nicki versus Roman's intentions. That's not to say you won't find yourself singing along, but you'll be looking over your shoulder while doing so.

WTF Moment?: The building tension finally breaks with the a cappella cry: "Dick in your face / Put my dick in your face." We think that's an invitation? Nicki Minaj, the Akinyele for the '10s.

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