Track 18: "Gun Shot"

Sounds Like: Less sharp-shooting than the title would imply--this is a ballad--but exactly as patois-laden as the artist credits would imply.

Pros: The chiming piano that appears throughout is exactly the sort of subtle-yet-pretty riff called for, Nicki sounds much more invested in her singing than on at least three out of the past six tracks, and Beenie Man is a welcome enough presence that when he calls out "Girls Dem Sugar," you don't just wish he'd be doing that instead. (See: Bobby V.) Some nice production touches, too--check out the shuddering synths toward the beginning, or how Beenie Man and the beat both crack harder just as the strings settle down. Oh, and there are cocked-gun and gunshot sounds--you could've figured out they'd be there without even listening--but they're deployed subtly enough that you only realize they're there halfway through.

Cons: Skippable, particularly considering what comes next.

Roman Rating: 4/10. More Roman: gunshots in the lyrics and the sound effects. Less Roman: those references to gunshots used for a sweet metaphor.

WTF Moment?: You already know the WTF moment: "Beenie Man." The comeback of Beenie Man! Yes, he's been working pretty steadily since his early-'00s heyday, but not on albums this big. If you don't follow dancehall closely, you probably had to Wikipedia this too.

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