Nicki Minaj's "Roman Reloaded" Reviewed: "Whip It"

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Track 12: "Whip It"

Sounds Like: Nicki covering Rihanna covering Cascada, or something like that. "Whip It" oscillates between Nicki rapid-fire rapping with her ridiculous faux-British accent, then singing over a pogo-ing dance beat in an almost parodic Ri-like Island accent, then dropping out almost entirely (except for some requisite "na na na"s) as the synth hook gets some time to bounce around on its own. And yeah, there's plenty of whip-cracking to go around, too.

Pros: Did we use the word "bouncy" to describe this song yet? It's like a "Where Them Girls At" that isn't nearly as oppressive in its YOU WILL HIT THE DANCE FLOOR NOOOOWWWWW vibe, instead sounding lithe and fun as Nicki jokes about "looking for some brain to boost my IQ," but not before qualifying "my SAT scores was high too!" We'd hope so for a LaGuardia grad, Nicki—they ain't just whistlin' dixie over there.

Cons: As is often the case on Roman Reloaded, the song's multiple sections are a little bit disjointed, and if the chorus and verses have anything to do with one another, the connection is lost on us.

Roman Rating: 4/10. Again, plenty of swag on the verses, but not much of Roman's. That "brain" line, though.

WTF? Moment: Well, having a song called "Whip It" and not even dropping a token reference to Devo is pretty WTF? in our book.

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