"Y'all want the full Roman?" Nicki Minaj asks repeatedly over the course of her new song, "Roman in Moscow." Apparently this is Nicki giving us said full Roman, though what exactly that consists of remains unclear—she still raps most of the song as herself, and doesn't really appear to ever fully get in character. Nonetheless, it has does have the aggression and sheer sense of Going In as "Roman's Revenge" off Pink Friday, and does see Nicki spitting something vaguely resembling hot fire ("Ain't on my period / But I got a notepad," "Hold on, fuck you / Brace yourself, bucktooth"). It's hardly lead single material—by Nicki's own admission, the song isn't built for a crossover ("Ain't no motherfuckin' hook, ain't no motherfucking third motherfucking verse")—but Nicki's fans should eat it up just the same.

Oh, and why Moscow, you may be wondering? "Moscow, that's where I keep [Roman] until he's fully charged," Nicki explains. Makes sense.