Nicola Roberts' Great New Single "Yo-Yo" Has A Video Now

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Fair to say that we're bigger fans of Nicola Roberts in general and this single in particular than The Prophet Blog, where we saw the "Yo-Yo" video first. You can watch it below, but first let's go over the superlatives:

Best: Bridge in recent pop memory, by which I mean the set of pop songs I can remember at 8:30 on a quarter of a cup of coffee. That's still a respectable set!

Lowest: Video budget in the same recent pop memory--it's essentially a couple shots of a couple set. It doesn't detract, but it still gets a superlative.

Most Literal: Interpretation of the title in the same memory by a British crossover act thanks to Yo-Yo Guy. That is, unless in the next few days Jessie J decides to dress up like a domino, Katy B releases single number eight or Cheryl Cole releases something else and catches collaborator in an "Imma Be" creative mood. (There are far more British crossover acts, but rule of three, people.)

Most Accurate: Rendering of this feeling: "this thing is in half an hour but I'm not satisfied with any of the clothes I own." It works because of the lyrics--what, besides other people, can mess with your feelings more than trying on clothes?

Most Serene: Scene in which someone throws a plate in the same recent memory. But why, you may ask, is someone throwing a plate? You can try to tease out all the subtext and feelings from the still above, or just watch it already, right beneath this.

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