Nicole Kidman—I've Been To Hell and Back Through Pain and Depression

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Nicole Kidman is opening up about her past, saying she has been through hell to get to where she is now.

The actress has been with country star Keith Urban for eight years, and says she suffered real heartbreak and sadness before finding love with Keith.

Keith gave his wife a shout-out in honor of their anniversary during a recent concert, saying "Eight years, baby girl. This song is for you. I love you so much."

According to Nicole, Keith's sweet message reminded her of how lucky she is.

"I had two girlfriends sitting with me and they were like, ‘Bitch!'" Nicole laughed. "I went, ‘Hey! I've been to hell and back! Now I have the ability to go, ‘Okay, this too shall pass'. Sometimes you've just got to navigate through pain and depression. Maybe you have a down day, but life is contrast. I'd rather feel it and know it."

Considering Nicole was married toTom Cruise for ten years before getting dumped like a hot potato and being disowned by their children, it's fairly safe to assume that's what she's talking about here.

Pretty sure Katie Holmes has some interesting stories to tell if she chose to...



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