Nicole Scherzinger And Her Boobs Visit "Conan"

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Since Nicole Scherzinger has landed in the welcoming arms of Simon Cowell and The X Factor, she's been looking to introduce herself to a new audience through various promotional gigs and the help of her best non-musical assets. A self-proclaimed Team Coco groupie, Scherzinger visited the set of Conan on Monday, in a form-fitting dress that even the least couture-versed ginger couldn't help but recognize. "It's like its painted on!" remarked late night's one and only male fashion correspondent. Scherzinger explained that she felt like a sausage—the pains of being famous!—before the two traded stories about Cowell and his odd pull on the female gender. Just as Scherzinger was about to launch into her rehearsed speech of why The X Factor is different, and thus, better, than its competition, O'Brien quickly became lost in the enchantment of her cleavage. "Focus, Conan," the former Pussycat Doll scolded without missing a beat, and likely not the first time she's had to lift tongues off the floor. O'Brien apologized profusely and tried to mask his goof in last-ditch attempts at chivalry with regifted flowers, before owning up to it all. "Let's be real here for a second. You didn't think I was going to look down there?" Somehow you win again, Coco. Now if only we at the dinner table discussion in the O'Brien household later that night.

After rendering the host speechless, the conversation lingered on the subject of body parts as Scherzinger launched into her dissection of Cowell's "moobs," mainly because Ryan Seacrest regularly likes to ask how they're doing. "They're strong, they're perky...they're alive and alert breasts," she explained. And to further solidify her place in the Late Night Guest Hall of Fame, Scherzinger conceded to showing off her own Britney Spears impression, complete with a slightly sarcastic undertone ("It really shows off my vocal range and ability"). Enjoy Scherzinger's generous gifts to the late night host and audience, below. Ah, so that's why Simon hired her!

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