Nicole Scherzinger Releases "Don't Hold Your Breath," Her Most Emo Video Ever

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Occasional Pussycat Doll leader and Dancing With The Stars victor Nicole Scherzinger has unleashed the video for "Don't Hold Your Breath," the second single from her as-yet-untitled debut album. And even though she's still as glossy as pop stars get, the clip is pretty much the most emo thing we've ever seen.

No one this side of a Hot Topic should spend this much time gazing through rainy windows, angrily staring in the mirror, and skulking around in the dark. The song definitely has some themes of heartbreak and resentment, and the video looks like she's one step away from tattooing a star on her arm. In fact, we wouldn't even know she's a pop star at all if she hadn't taken off her clothes at some point.

As for the track itself, we definitely prefer the stuttered, funky groove of the original Timbaland/Keri Hilson version. Producers Dave Aude and Jona Jerberg have given it a more Katy/Gaga/Ke$ha chart-house feel, which probably will do the song more good than harm when it's released in America.