Nicole Scherzinger isn't exactly looked upon with admiration by her fellow X Factor judges. (The term we're specifically thinking of involves butts and jokes, in that order.) Nor do record labels generally spring at the chance to release her solo albums. Remember Her Name Is Nicole? We hope not, because it died before release.

Enter Killer Love, the for-realsies debut album that was supposed to not die before release. Or don't enter; although it's been out since March internationally, its U.S. release date has tumbled from August 16 to November 15 to "early December," as a veritable parade of solo singles has marched toward and then abruptly away from the charts. "Poison," "Right There," "Wet," and we don't even remember "Don't Hold Your Breath" but apparently that was one too. You've got to feel bad. Christina Aguilera managed a hell of a sales (sales, Christina stans) comeback, from Bionic to the No. 1 "Moves Like Jagger"; you'd imagine Nicole Scherzinger wouldn't be ineligible for that. Maybe we won't even have to wait until 2012 to find out.