In effort to stick it to all those who thought Nicole Westbrook's "It's Thanksgiving" was going to be confined to YouTube, the newest ARK Music protege has taken her pumpkin-colored show on the road. Thanksgiving is exactly seven days away, so why not give the holiday's newest anthem—albeit one which fails to provide enough tasty options for the vegetarian set— the live treatment? Westbrook appeared on Access Hollywood Live early Thursday, familiarizing herself with the perils of singing on camera when surrounded by crazy daytime hosts who like to remove their shoes mid-show. We're looking at you, Kit Hoover. But we respect the Louboutins. NBC obviously treats you well!

Young Nicole was also inadvertently preparing us for next week's feast, performing in front of rotating images of delicious foodstuffs displayed on giant screens behind her. Yes, the salivating has commenced.

Lest you forget, ARK boss Patrice Wilson also "sings."

Here he is silently counting the money he hopes to one day make off of his latest "talent."

At least Billy Bush liked it.

Am I alone in making a gravy boat with my mashed potatoes and then dipping a hot, crusty roll right in the middle?

What's that? Oh, right. We were talking about the performance. Needless to say, the uneven vocals pale in comparison to that straight-out-the-kitchen presentation. Mmm. Pumpkin pie. Watch below.

As you might know, respective themes for Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year's have been exhaustively covered. Please bring your marginally talented tweens, and your checkbooks, to ARK's doorstep ready to jam on some lyrics about President's Day, parents.