Night Tales Release 'Friends'

Potent low-level house music from Down Under.

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Meet Night Tales, composed of Kamaliza and Third Floor.

Born in Australia, Kamaliza Salamba was working in corporate banking, when he started collaborating with Third Floor, aka Aaron Bannie, who, although born in the UK, is an Aussie citizen, and previously worked in the hospitality industry.

Despite their lack of musical background, both artists knew what they were doing. Kamaliza's prior project, called Olympic Ayres, accumulated more than 10 million plays on Spotify, along with being featured on FIFA 14 and Netflix's 13 Reasons Why. Aaron's Third Floor project hit 1 million plays in a short span of time, charted on ARIA, and appeared on MTV Australia and Triple J.

On their latest effort, entitled "Friends," Night Tales hooked up with AIME, a global charity and mentor program for children.

Night Tales - Friends (Official Video)

"Friends" is a song "dedicated to the unsung heroes we have in our lives. Those friends who go above and beyond to pick you up when you're not feeling strong. Friends who are by your side without question or hesitation and help you navigate your way out of dark times, feeling alone and in isolation."

"Friends" opens with swirling, bubbling synths flowing into a tight low-slung house groove. A pulsating bass line, along with click-clack percussion and a thumping kick drum lay down a contagious beat, as colorful accents burble and pop from the synths.

Mellow, silky vocals infuse the tune with curbed cashmere sonic energy, low-level but deliciously proximate with a singleness of intention, like the low purr of an engine. The music, combined with the natural exuberance of being alive and human, exhibits cool vitality.

"Friends" exudes an implacable force that makes you start to move to the groove.


Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.

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