We ranked Nine Muses No. 4 in our list of May's most anticipated K-pop comebacks, but we might need to go back and make some revisions after seeing the teaser video for the group's upcoming new single, "Wild."

The 36-second clip generally shows the muses writhing around and serving up the most seductive stares and poses that they possibly can, all while one of Sweetune's bulletproof K-pop productions blasts in the background. It's the sexiest concept that Nine Muses has ever done, even trumping their lingerie-clad debut, "No Playboy."

However, unlike the underrated "No Playboy," there's little chance of "Wild" turning into a chart flop. Not only is the Nine Muses much more popular now than they used to be, but sex has been a big seller in K-pop this year -- just ask SISTAR19 and Girl's Day. Not to mention the always fierce 4minute, who are currently outselling competing singles from SECRET and T-ara N4, who opted for cute and fun concepts, respectively.

Look out for Nine Muses' "Wild" on May 9.