UPDATE: A day after this was posted, Miley wore the shortest shorts she has ever worn. Mileystones!

These days, Miley Cyrus tends to look like she was beamed in from the set of a '90s music video. The singer debuted her love for all things retro right around the time that she bleached and chopped her hair and started appearing in dubstep videos. Ever since, it's been a non-stop stream of Dr. Marten's, flannel and ripped jeans. One thing about Miley's appearance has stayed constant, however, and that is her serious love for short shorts—a closet staple that gets about as much play as her crop tops. (See eight of her ab-revealing crop tops here!)

As Miley has gotten older (and skinnier), the shorts' hemlines have receded like a middle school gym teacher's hairline. Right now, they're averaging a just a few inches in length, if that. On more than one occasion, she's been papped with her entire rear end hanging out.

Here are a few of the shortest, sexiest pairs she's managed to wriggle her way into over the past year or so.

Did you know that short shorts come in sweater material? Image via Miley Cyrus/Twitter.

Expressing her affection for her friend/hairstylist. Image via Miley Cyrus/Twitter.

What she packed for a trip to Miami. Image via Splash News.

According to her Twitter feed, this is a Chanel onesie. Image via Miley Cyrus/Twitter.

Leaving her Pilates studio. Image via V Labissiere/Splash News.

Ignore the messy room, focus on the shorts. Image via Miley Cyrus/Twitter.

Shopping in New York City last summer. Image via Splash News.

On a Starbucks run with Liam in Philly. Image via Ouzounova/Splash News.

Top image via Heatworld.