NKOTB Passes the Boy Band Torch to The Wanted at Summer MixTape Fest

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Friday night it was 98 Degrees, who warmed up for their 10-years-and-counting reunion performance at the Summer MixTape Fest by crashing NKOTB's live version of "Hangin' Tough," and Saturday it was The Wanted, ushered onstage by New Kids on the Block during NKOTBSB's headlining set in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

The self-proclaimed "OGs" of the boy band world—barring any disagreement from New Edition—welcomed the newest genre members of the '10s for a collaborative rendition of their hit "Glad You Came." Sure, the five boys had previously serenaded the crowd with the ode to imbibing just a few hours earlier, but what's another sing-along between friends? The bachelorette party crowd flooding central PA's sweetest outdoor venue certainly didn't seem to mind.

Everyone jumped around and enjoyed themselves, with NKOTB members Danny Wood and Jordan Knight showing off their knowledge of the song's lyrics while encouraging the audience to really get down.

Donnie Wahlberg even picked up an inflatable glove sporting the Great Britain flag; Boston and the U.K. are a lot more alike than you think. Just look at all the love between heartthrobs!


While it was the beginning of The Wanted's fall tour—they're in New York City next week for a Good Morning America performance and headlining gig at Arthur Ashe Kids' Day, among others—Saturday's show in Hershey was the final stop for the boy band supergroup we've come to know as NKOTBSB. Many "Once in a Lifetime" shirts were spotted in the crowd by those lucky enough to attend one or more of their massive nostalgia attacks, and while they alluded to the possibility of new albums or a 2013 "tensome" once Kevin Richardson has his stage legs back, their acknowledgment of a new group's stellar rise felt like a symbolic passing of the torch. "The state of the boy band is very fucking strong," concluded Wahlberg. Hard to argue with that. Watch below.