Where better for a beloved pop/rock group to stage a big-scale, much-anticipated reunion gig than on a televised awards show? Makes sense—although generally, you'd think the group would avoid picking an award show where the median age of the viewers when they last released an album was greater than 5. Yes, No Doubt will performing on the Teen Choice Awards this July, two months in advance of releasing their still-untitled first studio album since 2001's Rock Steady—meaning there will probably be people in their 10s watching who haven't even been alive for a No Doubt LP release. Won't they be in for a treat!

All age-joking aside, it will be cool to have No Doubt back in our lives, even if it comes with a lot of quizzical looks from the young'ns. Plus, we gotta see how Miley does as host! Feels like so long since she and daddy Billy Ray killed it, super-awkward father/daughter-style, at the CMT Awards.