Disgraced "No Man's Sky" creator making first public appearance at GDC

Hello Games head Sean Murray will make his first significant public appearance since the flop launch

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It's not very often that a game is so disappointing, the developers get accused of false advertising by a high British court. And it wasn't (just) that Sean Murray and the team at Hello Games committed the crime of making a bad game when they dropped "No Man's Sky," but rather that their marketing strategy outpaced their development capability faster than Usain Bolt could beat your high school track coach in a 100 meter dash. The whole gaming internet went up in flames with complaints, defenses, accusations, and most frequently a question: Where's the game we were promised?

Silence... interrupted?

Silence. Total media silence. Hello Games, which consists of a relatively small team, maintained a nigh-complete media blackout after the release of their severely off-target flagship title. That silence was not broken, but interrupted when they released the "Foundation Update," which added a few more of the promised features, but too little too late.

The Hello Games twitter also promised that the Foundation Update would be just that, a first layer of many additions to the game's sorely lacking content library. But so far, we've heard very little about what is next or when it's coming.

Followed up by a victory lap?

Given this silence on their most important task, fulfilling their hefty gameplay promises, it's a little strange that Sean Murray will be taking a GDC panel spot talking about "[creating] realistic alien terrains using mathematics and without artistic input."

Now that's a pretty interesting topic, but that sort of thing seems like it ought be reserved for companies who have, ya know, delivered on their promises. No?

Maybe Murray and the Hello Games squad are just feeling extra victorious after being cleared in their mostly-embarrassing-not-really-threatening false advertisement case. Good job, team. Now go tell everyone how you generated this:

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