Men love beautiful women. Especially men who are in the military. Who could forget Marilyn Monroe's iconic visit to U.S. soldiers way back in 1954? But out of all of the world's armed forces, it seems that nowhere loves the ladies quite as much as South Korea does. In a country where military service is mandatory, K-pop stars --usually of the highly-attractive, female variety-- often visit various military bases to boost morale by performing for the troops. Naturally, girl group, SISTAR, and 4minute hottie, HyunA, are two of the most popular acts with Korea's men in uniform, and it's not hard to see why. SISTAR are known for their "healthy" physiques and suggestive choreography, while HyunA's known for her, well, everything.

This week, SBS' Good Morning ran a small segment on a recent visit SISTAR and HyunA made to a South Korean naval base, and watching the K-poppers' sexy performances is almost as entertaining as seeing the wild reaction that the testosterone-fueled crowd had to them. The men cheered, whistled, danced, and sung-a-long to all the K-pop hits so loudly that they even drowned out the backing track HyunA was miming to.

Given their respective success with the male species, it's no surprise that HyunA and SISTAR's Hyorin recently teamed up to film a commercial for Lotte Liquor’s soju -- otherwise known as, "the hottest Korean commercial of 2012." If their popularity on the charts ever runs out, at least these ladies have a secure future in the armed forces.

[Tip: Soompi]