Few rappers have proven as unapologetic about their sports front-running as Lil Wayne, so it's no surprise to see him showing up in San Francisco at Game Six of the NLCS in the MLB playoffs, suddenly the world's biggest Giants fan. What is surprising is to see him leading the crowd seventh-inning-stretch anthem "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," proving that "How to Love" was one of the greatest miracles of modern science by making it appear like Weezy could hold a tune in the same key for an entire four minutes. (Frankly, it's also a little surprising that Wayne knew all the words to the song, and resisted the temptation to slip in an oral sex reference amidst the peanuts and Cracker Jack.)

Perhaps most surprising of all? The connection between Tunechi and the Giants comes through utility infielder Ryan Theriot, a friend of a friend of Wayne's. Whatta life this guy leads, really.