Norah Jones Committs Tranquil, Disquieting Murder in "Miriam" Video

The line between quietly soothing and disquietingly creepy has always been a thin one in popular music—as all those super-violent video game commercials with chipper pop songs from the '40s and '50s will attest. A good music video can certainly help such a song over the borderline, as Norah Jones' Philip Andelman-directed clip for Little Broken Hearts ballad "Miriam" does here. The one-shot clip lingers over a lake, on which Norah is eventually revealed to be rowing solo in a canoe—but a bloody oar lingering in the water suggests she might not have been alone initially. And what's that floating in the water beneath her?

Actually, we kinda wish Andelman hadn't shown us what's down there—the video is plenty unsettling just with Jones' lovely singing, her super-weird unblinking facial expression, and that forever-lingering camera, like one of the videos Jonathan Glazer did for Radiohead or The Verve back in the '90s. But the clip's a stunner anyway. Check it out over at SPIN.