Normani Becomes a Pop Icon with "Motivation" Music Video

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Normani sure "ain't regular" on her "Motivation" music video.

If you haven't heard of Normani, the former Fifth Harmony singer proves why you should've been paying attention to her all along. Her breathtaking vocals combine with spectacular, infectious dancing. For certain, it will motivate you to upgrade your own moves.

The video starts with a young Normani rushing home to watch 106 and Park with hosts Rosci Diaz and Terrence J. She sweetly imagines she has the "#1 music video in the world right now," breaking into an irresistible dance. Cut-to Normani today, and she's grown into a performer with tight control over her every movement.

She breathes new, exciting life into her early 2000s-inspired video. Throughout, she references iconic hitmakers, including Beyoncé, Ciara, Kelly Roland, Britney Spears, and Jennifer Lopez. Yet, Normani attains her own status as a pop icon with her jaw-dropping moves. Namely, she performs a double pirouette, moves from a handstand into a split, and bounces a basketball from her knee to her booty!

Watch the rising star below:

Normani - Motivation (Official Video)

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