Stars are feistier than ever, and the number of social networks for them to fight on is only growing—we’ll be your guide to their digital dustups, with a clear, standardized look at who’s feuding over what, where and why. If you’re lucky, we’ll even pass judgement and tell you who won!

Who's Feuding: Polarizing Harlem Internet rapper Azealia Banks and polarizing college Internet quasi-rappers Karmin.

Medium: YouTube, Twitter.

How It Got Started: Karmin, returning to the hip-hop covers that launched their career, released a remix of Drake's "Started From the Bottom" this week that took shots at Banks, among others:

I didn’t rap last year, learned it as a fluke

Check it, all the other labels tried it too

Signed a couple copycats copying my hairdo

Stop all the comparing me, no Nicki Minajery

Let me out the cage so I can fizz ’cause all of feminity is looking for a rapper queen

Banking on Azealia and Iggy

Pretty damn amazing what you do to be a star

Best Shots: Banks, who has not been shy about defending her turf against interlopers both real and imagined, responded in an unusually Buddhist way:

Who is Karmin, and why has she written about me in a song?

Tweets/Accounts Later Deleted: None.

Endgame: Karmin seems unlikely to respond, and Banks has already started and ended her next feud.

Who Won? Is there a way for both to lose? We kid, but not really: Banks has lost a lot of cred with us over the past few weeks with her ridiculous rants about the word "faggot," while Karmin should really not be taking shots at any other rappers. But, if we had to choose a winner, we'd go with Banks, if only for the repeating the classic "Thinking Karmin is the girl's name" mistake that will haunt the band for the rest of their career. Plus, every feud Banks gets through without using homophobic slurs is a small victory for her.