The Canadians have begun their attack on Washington. While Justin Bieber has been hard at work sharpening his diplomacy skills in the United States and beyond, pal Carly Rae Jepsen's song has proven too catchy for even the fake Barack Obama to ignore. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell sang "Call Me Maybe" with Gayle King on CBS This Morning Wednesday, the latest of Jepsen's unexpected admirers to be caught belting out her familiar lyrics in front of a television audience. It's a huge compliment to receive such karaoke treatment from the typically buttoned-up politico, who is used to declaring his support for specific military invasions rather than his allegiance to one of Scooter Braun's many clients. This most recent development in the world of CRJ should give Our Girl the ammunition she needs to keep this crazy roll of hers going, or at least find her song on the campaign trail come fall. "Hey, I just met you," was made for presidential write-in candidates.

Watch below as the retired four-star general busts out a few bars with King before taking a graceful exit, while fellow guest Charlie Rose looks on in disgust. What do you have against Canadians, Mr. Rose?