Hey guys, you heard this awesome new song called "Niggas in Paris"? It's got Kanye and Jay-Z and Blades of Glory samples and some word that nobody's ever used before and the beat has the ability to make normally sane people to absolutely weird and unconscionable things. Well, if you have heard it, apparently you're not alone—everyone from R&B singer Robin Thicke to hip-hop superproducer Timbaland to Philly rapper Meek Mill to some random over-enthusiastic dude on the subway has been performing it recently. Plaintively singing the song's outro lyrics, unnecessarily inserting beatboxing between bars of it, or just shouting it as loud as humanly possible—the song is good enough to sound awesome in just about any capacity.

Watch four of the most recent spins on "Niggas in Paris," and let us know which you like the best. For us, it's just not gonna be possible to beat Crazy Subway Guy. He sounds and looks the way we always feel when we listen to "Paris," you know? "WOOOOOOO LET'S GOOOO JAYYYYY!!!!!"