In this crazy, mixed-up world, who can predict the mysteries of the human heart? Only weeks ago, the gossip rags was reporting that troubled actress Lindsay Lohan and baldheaded Wanted singer Max George were done for good, their timeless love torn apart by Max's public insistence that Lindsay was not his girlfriend—she was a groupie, a fling, a backstage party favor and no more. Things got strange. She stole his hoodie.

But now, the rumors are flying that not only are the pair Back On with a capital <3, things have gotten so serious between them that Lindsay even met Max's parents while she  was gallivanting around the UK:

Lindsay's been partying it up recently in London—as we reported—and sources close to the actress tell us, Max invited her out to his parents' house in Manchester while she was in the area.

Lindsay happily made the visit early this week -- and we're told Lindsay had a great time, hanging out with the whole George clan for an entire day ... and she felt very at home.

We're told Lindsay and Max have been in constant contact since the last Wanted concert Lindsay attended last month (in the U.S.)—and Max was adamant about her meeting his family.

How to reconcile this new information with what we knew to be true before? Perhaps Lohan and George are the romantic Tralfamadorians, capable of experiencing every moment of a relationship at once: breaking up, then meeting, then moving in together, then experiencing that first spark. Or maybe, as TMZ reports a friend saying, "Lindsay and Max are NOT officially GF and BF—just friends who enjoy each other's company ... and probably bang each other a lot."