Alas, it is no longer possible to collect stats about Jay-Z and Kanye West's perpetual encore of "N----s in Paris" during their Watch the Throne tour, that tour being over at least until Watch the Throne 2.0 drops next year. Now it's just time to crunch the numbers. Except it isn't time to crunch the numbers at all; the numbers have been quite thoroughly crunched by Rolling Stone, who have measured just about every statistic you could possibly want to know about the track.

Far be it for us to spoil the entire list and its glorious detail; instead, we're going to engage in a little audience participation. It's what Jay and Kanye would want, after all.

Rolling Stone's stat: 40:25 -- Running time, in minutes, of "Paris" in Vancouver, after being played 11 times.

Our stat: 46:02 -- Running time, in minutes, of Watch the Throne. That's right--Jay-Z and Kanye West were this close to the opportunity to let "Paris" run longer than WTT, but turned it down. I mean, what's a couple more encores when you're already at 11? That shit cray.

Rolling Stone's stat: $1,463.00: Price of a Margiela leather jacket, currently 30 percent off at Neiman Marcus.

Our stat: $1,095.00: Price of something that purports to be a Margiela leather jacket on eBay. (With eBay, you can never be 100% sure.)

Rolling Stone's stats: 8.3: Flight from Chicago to Paris, non-stop, in hours.

8.5: Flight from Paris to New York, non-stop, in hours.

Our stat: 3 and a half: Roughly the amount of times Kanye West could listen to the studio recording of "Paris" in the 12 minutes between when his flight gets to Paris and when Jay-Z's gets to Paris.

Rolling Stone's stat: 2,184: "CRAY"-s.

Our stat: 2,184: Number of times you can hear "that shit cray" without getting sick of it. We promise we've rigorously tested this too.

Our other stat: $34: The amount you'd have left over if you had a dollar for every time Jay-Z and Kanye said "CRAY," then played tourist in Paris and rented the Deluxe Suite at the Hôtel Meurice in Paris, where WTT was recorded ($2,150). You could then have gone to see every Throne show, assuming they all cost a dollar--which they didn't; floor seats went for $3,305 on the secondary market for Atlanta. You know what? We're definitely too far into our zone here, so we'll stop. If there's anything you're dying to know (number of HANHs? Biggest number of lines the audience took over?) do let us know, and we'll get back to you if our free time ever allows.