Justin Bieber knows perfectly well that he should be playing in the winter snow, but instead, dammit, he's gotta be under the mistletoe—with you, on the internet. Bieber's latest Facebook app allows fans to use their webcams or upload their home photos in order to get a mocked-up photo of themselves with Justin Bieber under said mistletoe. Unfortunately, the only Bieb you get to pose with is the one from the Under the Mistletoe cover, so the best you can do kiss-wise is a peck on the cheek, while he remains hopelessly distracted by whatever's going on to the right of you. (Hey, it's that or no digital action at all, so you're just gonna have to deal, aren't you?)

Under the Mistletoe is out November 1st. By the time Christmas actually gets here, it's totally gonna be like yeah, holidays, whatever.