Bran Stark comes across his most difficult challenge yet

GOT actor Isaac Hempstead Wright joins the league of celebrities attending college

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Well, I guess winter is here. Isaac Hempstead Wright — otherwise known as Bran Stark from Game of Thrones — has been seen all over the University of Birmingham campus, enjoying freshman uni events.

Apparently there had only been Twitter rumors of Wright's attendance until Birmingham's The Tab confirmed it this week. Now, full on sighting tweets are flooding the website from nights out to accidental meetings in the bathroom.

The Tab even confirmed Wright's email in the school's system and his residence in one of the university's many living accommodations. Wright is also reportedly studying maths and maintains A's in many of his classes.

There's always been continuous fascination with celebrities and celebrity culture, but everyone seems to go crazy when they do normal, everyday things like going to college. Fans don't seem to understand that they're people too.

From Malia Obama attending Harvard to Emma Watson attending Brown, it seems like the public watches their every move. I've even had a class with Karlie Kloss during my freshman year of university and she seemed like a normal woman, not some superhuman entity.

The truth is, many actors and celebrities understand that their fame won't last forever and want obtain an education for the future. Dylan and Cole Sprouse got degrees in video game design and archaeology, respectively, and graduated with top honors.

So here's a PSA to all you Birmingham folks — don't crowd or act weird around Isaac Wright. He's really just there to learn and have fun like everyone else. Publications should not be giving out his email address nor where he lives. Respect celebrities as much as you would respect one of your classmates!

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