"Disjointed" is more than a stoner comedy

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Is it more than just a sitcom about potheads?

At the start Disjointed can seem like your basic stoner comedy, but it doesn't take long to see that it's so much more. It came as no surprise to me that this show wasn't a hit among the majority of critics, because this show doesn't seem like it was meant for them. It was meant for people who love marijuana or are really curious about the world of smokers.

It's rare to find a charming show that depicts the multi-dimensional world of marijuana, and this show does a pretty good job. At the core of Disjointed stands Ruth. The veteran lawyer activist who fought the good fight, ended up in prison a fair amount of times, and now uses her dispensary to really help people. She doesn't stand alone though. A cast of characters by her side and show how many kinds of people are invested in legal marijuana. Her son stands in as the representation of the business side of the industry and the money to be made. Her security guard is a veteran who decides to try marijuana for his PTSD, which is presented to the viewer as psychedelic and disturbing cartoons, and finds that it's the first thing that has really helped him. Their grower, though a bit odd, has incredible scientific botanical knowledge that he uses with skill and passion.

Plenty of people work at the dispensary who have their own valid reasons for wanting to be involved, just like the multitude of customers. Whether it's the bored housewife who just wanted to deal with the stress of her life or the unavoidable bonehead stoners 'Dank and Dabby' who have come to be the face of Marijuana. Oh yes, this show wouldn't be accurate without a couple of slow-witted burnouts who can constantly be seen smoking. Yet, Disjointed manages to show that there's more to marijuana than their story, than any one person's story.

Disjointed is a goofy comedy that still takes the time to tackle real issues. The hard fought battle for legalization, the racial bias in the prison system, the medical benefits of marijuana, the current issues dispensaries are facing because of the lingering federal laws, and they don't shrink away from any of these problems or try to diminish them. I urge the people who say it's just a slapstick comedy to reconsider. Look at these characters and see who they represent in America today and don't shrug them off because of a desire to dismiss them.

Whether this comedy will go down as a subculture 'cult favorite', I can't truly say. It's a polarizing show and reviews come with a definite love it or hate it. What I will say is; ignore the critics and give the show a try. As I said, it's not for them. This show is meant for people like me, who have chronic illnesses and are hoping that legal marijuana makes it our way. This show is meant for people who like to smoke marijuana because it's fun and relaxes them. And at the end of the day this show is meant for people who want something that gives a mix of comedy and real life.

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