Lark Voorhies Urges Obama To Arrest John Travolta For Assault

UPDATE: Lark Voorhies' Instagram page has been taken down

What's the happs with the Saved by the Bell peeps?!!

In his book, Behind the Bell, Dustin Diamond paints a tawdry crazed picture of life behind the camera on the family favorite show.

John Travolta Defends 'Beautiful' Church Of Scientology

Drugs and rock n' roll lark voorhies john travolta arrest

There was love making, drugs and rock 'n roll galore, at least the way old Screech tells it—alleging there were multiple hook-ups and affairs between the cast; threesomes; cocaine sniffing; weed smoking; steroids abuse; date rape accusations and mental illness.

Screech claims he slept with other 2,000 women during his heyday.

John Travolta Speaks Out About The Whole Adele Dazim Thing

Staring into space lark voorhies john travolta arrest

The 39-year-old also wrote about the fragile mental state of co-star, Lark Voorhies, who played Lisa Turtle on SBTB, claiming she would "stare into space" and that "it wasn't the Lark I knew."

Diamond's observations appear to have been backed-up by Voorhies' mom, Tricia, who told People magazine, during an interview in 2012, that her daughter has bipolar disorder.

Travolta And Gaga—Is There A Creepy Motive To Their Friendship?

The actress denied her mom's claim, during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, insisting, "I've always been mentally healthy" and that she's just suffered from "textbook clinical depression."

Off-kilter behavior lark voorhies john travolta arrest

Voorhies has certainly displayed some off-kilter behavior over the years, culminating in a series of truly bizarre posts on Instagram yesterday and today.

The posts are all about John Travolta, and accompanied by a series of photos of the actor.

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Two of the posts detail accusations of assault that have been made against Travolta by a number of different men—all of which the actor has vehemently denied.

And, two of the other posts are in letter form, urging President Obama to arrest Travolta.

Plea to Obama lark voorhies john travolta arrest

Of COURSE Sarah Palin Blames Obama For Track's Domestic Violence

Here's letter one

DEAR HONORABLE BARACK OBAMA, Mr. President, John Travolta is a white male. A white male who has repeatedly broken the law and must be arrested!
The facts remain and are argumentative and have been proven to beyond a reasonable doubt this man has assaulted many & multiple men and should be arrested and answer to these inhumane and disgusting acts of perversion!
Thank you!

And letter two:

Dear President Barack Obama, I am writing this letter in hopes you will personally review every single assault victim who came forward in regards to John Travolta! I am requesting that you do the right thing and not place blame on the victims but instead help financially and support in legal; aid for all the victims!
John Travolta must be brought to justice! We must not ignore these issues!
Thank you Mr. President!

Get on it Mr. President! It's not like you have anything better to do right now.

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