If there's two things that have been pissing off Odd Future recently, it's MTV not playing their videos and Chris Brown feuding with them on Twitter. A rant about one (Tyler, the Creator expressing his displeasure that MTV would not give his "She" video a shot at heavy rotation, let alone the Video Music Award Tyler has his sights on) quickly turned into a rant about the other at the group's recent show at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. With no particular provocation, fans started chanting out "FUCK CHRIS BROWN!"—a sentiment the group had no choice but to concur with, with Frank Ocean calling him "a loser" and Tyler tut-tutting "He beats up women. He's a bitch."

To the group's West Coast fans—we know you mean well, and when you're at an Odd Future show, the urge to chant "FUCK [SOMETHING!]" is a strong one. But this tomfoolery will ultimately lead to nothing but pain and misery for all involved, and the better fanbase would surely take the high road and walk away from the hooplah. Plus, Breezy is tight with Justin Bieber, who Tyler has long coveted as a potential collaborator, protege and/or funnel towards recently legal Disney-pop hotties. You guys shouldn't be assisting in their burning of that bridge.