Official: Smash Mouth Will Eat the Eggs

If you remember (and of course you do), last week we brought you the exciting news that that the internet was getting remarkably close to making "Smash Mouth, Eat the Eggs"—the Something Awful-started meme encouraging Steve Harwell, lead singer of late-'90s hitmakers Smash Mouth, to eat two dozen eggs because why not—a reality. Well, as projected, we have even more exciting news for you this week. With a tally now well over $10,000 raised for St. Jude's Children's Hospital—$10,351.25 at time of writing—it has now been made official: Smash Mouth will eat the eggs.

"WOW!" wrote Smash Mouth over their Twitter account. "In less than a week you guys have raised over $10,000 for such a great cause. Steve will definitely be eating... " The terms and timing of the make-good are still yet to be determined—presumably, meme-founder Fart is still too busy rejoicing to start hammering out the fine print—but the important thing is that this day, which we've dreamed about for so long, is now visible on the horizon. As your one-stop shop for all breakfast-food-and-Smash-Mouth-related news, we will be sure to keep you posted as the details emerge, but in the meantime, let's join Fart in celebration with a little singalong: "Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me..." Come on, you know the words!

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