Although Lady Gaga had a quiet 2012—especially by her, um, vocal standards—it looks like she's going to come roaring back into the spotlight in 2013. We already knew that she had an album coming up (ARTPOP, currently scheduled for sometime next spring), and now she announces that she has a documentary about said album in the works as well, courtesy of an old, creepy friend of hers. She announced the news via Twitter, giving her Little Monsters a nice little stocking-stuffer:

Somehow we doubt this movie is gonna be making the rounds at Cannes next year, but maybe there'll be some quality scenes of Lady Gaga crying, and/or needless shots of young, quasi-Gaga-related hotties in scandalous states of undress, as is the T-Rich trademark. Now, anyone wanna help us out with what a "weed xmas sweater" is? Sounds controversial.

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