Because Justin Bieber has been the proud owner of the most-viewed video on YouTube until very recently, forgive me for assuming that Canada rolls out the red carpet each time the 18-year-old crosses the border and returns home. He's played with the Toronto Maple Leafs and been awarded a prestigious medal from the Prime Minister himself, so I figured he was neck and neck with poutine, Degrassi and free health care in the race for Canada's Most Awesome Achievement.

Bieber was on deck to perform during halftime at the Grey Cup in Toronto on Sunday—our neighbors to the North's version of the Super Bowl—along with Carly Rae Jepsen and Gordon Lightfoot. While Bieb was hyped for the event all weekend, those in attendance were less than enthused by live renditions of "Boyfriend" and "Beauty and a Beat." According to the Calgary Herald:

They booed when his face popped up on the JumboTron. They booed when a host spoke his name at the onset of halftime. And they booed with extra glee as he took the stage and throughout his medley of the finger-snapping, chart-topping hit "Boyfriend" and the disco-inflected club come-on "Beauty and a Beat."

After all he's done for you, Canada? #ProudCanadian is his fifth most popular hashtag! We know he hasn't gotten a maple leaf tattooed on his backside yet, but there's still time. Watch Bieber's performance below and decide for yourself if the arena residents' audible disapproval was truly warranted.

Then again, Canadian sports fans have developed a reputation as being thankless and particular when it comes to their halftime entertainment. That, or they still haven't forgiven Bieber for this week's overalls incident.