Good news for Rihanna/Chris Brown shippers, assuming such a cult still exists—the star-crossed lovers were spotted canoodling yet again last night, this time at one of Jay-Z's run of shows at Brooklyn's Barclays Center. This time, we even have (grainy, ambiguous) photographic evidence, courtesy of Elliott Wilson of RapRadar on Instagram:

Going to see Jay-Z together seems a particularly bold choice for the controversial couple, considering that the Jiggaman has always been rumored to be highly disapproving of Breezy and his continued flirtation with Jay's one-time protege. But it seems Chris and Ri are now officially in the "We don't care what the people say" phase of their relationship, which...well, darn.

Oh, and because we know you were wondering, the Post didn't have anything to say about the couple chilling at Barclays, but they did have a further report about Ri and Chris getting friendly at an after-hours club for the second straight night. No "dancing promiscuously" or "looking ruffled" in this one, unfortunately, but the two arrived separately at 1Oak, then "continued their public display of affection and left together in an SUV around 4 a.m." Clearly, no NY club is safe from the ickiness.