As they say, it isn't Christmas until the dulcet tones of DMX are ringing through the halls, the boy-boy rapper delighting children and adults alike with his holiday tales. And, right on cue, here's DMX's first appearance of the season, singing "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" during an appearance at Power 105.1.

While we definitely approve of Power 105 and their mission to bring DMX into the studio solely for the purpose of producing hilarious viral videos, we have some concerns. Watch their video of DMX complaining about computers from back in September again—notice anything? Here's a screengrab:

And here's a shot from the beginning of the "Rudolph" video:

So! Either DMX has one shirt that he wears to every Power 105 appearance, and they just happened to align with this station employee repeating her outfits, or Power 105.1 has a whole treasure trove of awesome DMX videos they are just waiting for the perfect seasonally appropriate time to release. Crafty!