Oh, Steven Tyler, The Silly Things You Say

The bar for bizarre Steven Tyler interviews, press releases or off-the-cuff statements is and remains high; if it's got no ERMAHGERDS, no bunny-boiling references or lewd, ducky slang, it's going to be subpar for him.

That said, Tyler's got an Aerosmith album coming out, so we'll allow him a brief break from wackiness as long as he delivers some goods. "Some goods" describes his recent LA Weekly interview rather well, actually. The full goods are at that link (plus contributions by Joe Perry, who's considerably less quotable), but a quick sampler is below.

On his motivation for joining American Idol as a judge: "I just wanted to sit next to J.Lo and Randy [Jackson]. I never watched Idol." It's funny if you take this phrase literally, imagining that Steven Tyler had no idea what American Idol was, or really any sense that televised talent competitions existed despite their running "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" into the ground for years, and that he just signed on to this weird little TV-show project he heard Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson were involved in. It's funnier than what the quote probably means, anyway, which is "I didn't watch Idol, but they paid me."

On namedropping: Aerosmith rehearses alongside Marilyn Manson. Johnny Depp gets first listens to their work. So does Jim Carrey, who proceeds to "shit" at the sound.

On his Carrie Underwood collaboration:: "That will be a country crossover, hopefully." In other news, Aerosmith's album will hopefully have rock on it, and Steven Tyler will hopefully get to yarl a bit. It's good to be hopeful.

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