Since "Gangnam Style" has already proven itself worthy of play at professional sporting events, it's time to recognize its hold over the collegiate sect. While plenty of undergrads will interject with tales of how they've been listening to this song and recreating the video since July—or have been true fans of K-pop from much earlier on—the track's cultural significance continues to be measured by its influence on unexpected audiences, like a university's musical director who finally checked out that viral videos his students wouldn't shut up about. After a Psy-inspired flash mob captivated Ann Arbor on Friday, Ohio University provided its own rendition of "Gangnam Style" worthy of being played in front of the man himself.


The Bobcats put on an impressive display on Saturday–its football team also won—as campus pep band, Marching 110, performed the crossover sensation to a stadium crowd. The musicians delivered a convincing version sans vocalist, particularly on the "Heeeeeeeeey, sexy ladies" bit. We know they're only using instruments but you can't argue the horn section doesn't capture the sounds of Psy's voice. Even with their hands full, the members do a great job of executing the horse-riding moves as best they can. (But if they feel they're struggling, they should look to wide receivers for some tips.)


Of course, college is the place where a marching band can perform something like this on Saturday, and a professor can incorporate the sudden explosion of a South Korean pop star and his potentially subversive message in a cultural criticism seminar come Monday morning.



If Psy's popularity continues apace, we fully expect to see him riding a float during the Tournament of the Roses Parade later this winter.